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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

changing times and my focus

    Welcome to the new and improved Amber's Spiralheart. It has taken a while to distill who I am and what is the best way to share that. Every journey has some dead ends and I have traveled down several over the past year in my attempt to find myself and what I hope to share.
     I still believe that every person can benefit from the practice of meditation, but I have let go of wanting to teach how to do so. There are so many others who are much better at it and you can find them easily online. My own practice has expanded to include several types of meditative activities, some of which I do more regularly and others as the mood takes me. 
       This process of allowing my meditation to flow with my days mindfully, rather than as a rigid  practice, has been liberating.  Just as when one sits breath watching and thoughts come and go, your back needs a stretch or you find the still point, so our daily life ebbs and flows.  I came to realize that my entire life is my meditation and sitting in formal meditation is just another point of focus.
     That is the reason I began to post a daily mantra on my twitter and Facebook. Mantras are sacred seed words that one repeats to focus on intentions. Mantra Today is simple phrases that help keep our eyes open to the present moment, to the serendipity and synchronicity that occur in our daily lives.
     Mantras  and sitting meditation are only two of the many activities that we can do to embrace and enhance living in here and now. Join me as I explore various ways to find and express the sacred in my every day life and share them with you.
            blissings, amberspiral

mantra today= in the stream

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