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Sunday, May 11, 2014


      Amber is ancient tree sap that has turned to stone. It facilitates manifestation by strengthening intentions and adding flexibility like a tree in the wind. Filled with the energy of the trees life force it has a grounding and stabilizing effect, opening us up to unconditional love. Traditionally a healing gem, Amber is a beautiful stone with a gentle golden glow, that makes it perfect to wear or meditate with.
      When I chose my Mother name, I chose Amber because like the gem I had changed into something new while my essence was unchanged. Elektron is the Greek word for amber and the root word for electrons which circle the nuculeous of an atom as I was circling my Kiddo. It took a couple of years to realize that I wanted a new name, the maiden was gone. I had loved trees and rocks my whole life and as a caregiver Amber resonated with me.
        Now as age and empty nest herald the crone years, I am Amberspiral. I'll always be a mother so I've kept Amber. Spiral has to do with the journey. As we age many of the passages of life are behind us. We see with eyes that remember and connect dots that were just specks on the horizon before. If I went back and told myself what I realize now, I wouldn't have understood. I'm so grateful to have come this far in my journey and I'm looking forward to the adventures awaiting me. Maiden, Mother and Crone, the triple Goddess...I didn't set out to travel that road, but as a woman it just turned out that way and I couldn't be happier.
        Happy Mother's Day and blissings, amberspiral 

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