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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Positive affirmations & meditation

   Wouldn't it be great if we had magic or super hero powers and could make our dreams come true just by thinking about them? Have you ever used a positive affirmation? Did it work for you? Or did you find it too hard to believe or forget to do it after a while because nothing happened? These are common situations. But I am here to tell that there are ways to use positive affirmations that can make them more effective. I call this Positive Projection.
     Lets look at a few ways I think positive projections can be used successfully.

 * positive projections as a way to hold intention:
Setting an intention can be as simple as making a to-do list for your day, but generally it is thought of as the guiding desire for something you want to accomplish, a big picture goal. I had an intention to become a nurse. When I thought about that goal I wasn't sure how I would get there. But I had an idea... I registered for college, took the required courses, the state RN exam and tada... I am a nurse. Of course it took a few years. Using written positive affirmations can be a physical reminder of what your intention is. By reading them daily you create a center of focus, like making a to do list for your life. It keeps you on track
  * positive projections as a way to focus:
When we focus our attention on a subject we tend to notice examples of it in our environment. This is called confirmation bias. Not always considered a positive thing it is a good for us because focus is a critical component of intention. As I mentioned above it took awhile to become a nurse. That was my intention. As I worked toward my goal I started noticing people in nursing uniforms wherever I went.  There was a nursing Barbie and stuffed nurse dog in my bedroom. All this kept my eyes focused on the prize.  Any visual, tactile or physical reminder can increase our focus and every instance reinforces our intention.
  *positive projections as an adjunct to meditation:
Meditation is a way to sooth the talking heads that dominate so many of our waking hours. With practice it can potentially allow us to access deeper parts of ourselves. Reading or reciting a positive projection before, during or just after meditation is a way to make them more effective. This is because when you are meditating there is less negative backtalk to counteract the affirmation. Positive projections don't have to be believed to be effective, they just need to be consistently reinforced. Eventually they change your perception because you are taking a proactive stance for your intention. When you combine meditation with your positive affirmations they are experienced at a deeper level in your soul, creating space for a new reality.
   * some other tips:
Positive projections should be positive ie: it is better to project 1) "I am abundant", rather then 2) "I don't want to be poor". This is because of the focus: 1) is abundance, 2) is poverty. Due to confirmation bias statement number 2 will create a focus on lack... so not what you want. Keep it positive. Watch out for seemingly positive statements that are actually negative.  A good example of this are the "I am releasing" statements, which once again focus on what you don't want. My other tip is to take actions towards your goals. Even the teeniset, tinyest, itty, bitty little action will create positive energy and  reinforce your intention. Take a class, read a book, google it... your positive projections can be broken down into small manageable steps. We were given the greatest gift imaginable in this life...the gift of mind over matter. Use your mind positively and you will be amazed at what you can manifest.

                 Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down.
                 Read your positive projection silently or aloud.
                 Meditate using your favorite method for your usual amount of time.
                 As you are finishing, but before you get up,
                 read your projection again.

                                      That's it.

                 Notice any thoughts you may have had that point you in the direction you wish to go.Take actions, even the smallest ones count. Trust yourself and do what feels natural to you, don't push it. Go as fast or as slow as you need too. If you stumble, meditate on your projection again and see if there is an adjustment you can make. You are on your journey, thats the point.
    Positive projection is a powerful tool when used in a consistent manner and it can help you live a happier life as well by teaching you how to root out those insidious negative thought patterns you don't even realize are there. For me it is a continual source of personal growth and fulfillment. I'm sure it will work for you.
                    blissings, amber

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