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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seeing is Believing

Some meditations use visualizations as the point of concentration. Sitting in your quiet spot holding the image of anything can be very challenging. I know, I have tried it. But there is an easier way to do looking at an image, say a statue of your subject, you can pinpoint your focus. This is great if there is a readily available concrete example of your subject. But what if what you are visualizing a possibility and not something set in stone or on canvas? A dream-board may be just the answer for you.
Dream-boards consist of an image or more commonly several images that call to mind the possibility that you are visualizing. Generally used to assist in manifesting desired outcomes, they are as varied as the individuals who make them. That is the beauty of a dream board. The images that you choose are up to you. As long as they evoke the thought of what your aiming for they will help your focus and that will positively change the frequency of your perceptions. Thus creating harmony between your internal and external realities.
Creating a dream board is as simple as looking through a few magazines for images that correspond to your desire. Or you may want to incorporate some original artwork, fabric art or personal photos. Whatever you decide is appropriate for you, most dream boards include either an image to represent yourself such as a photo or (my preference) a mirror. This puts you in the middle of the representation of your possibility.
Once you have assembled the group of images to be used, a sturdy piece of cardboard can be used for the background matrix on which to arrange your vision. In the example used here I added small strips of paper with encouraging words and I used a central image to represent myself. On other dream boards I have used fabric, crystals, old jewelry, stuff from my garden and my junk drawer. The sky's the limit and as long as it helps you to focus in your dream it is working.
The hardest part of visualizing any desired outcome is to remain on task, to keep your focus steady. A dream board is a strong visual cue that will do just that. Put it in a prominent place so you will see it often and Happy Manifesting!
blissings, amberspiral

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