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Thursday, November 7, 2013

3 for 3

     I don't wait until December 31st to make my New Years resolutions. I do it when the air gets chilly, snow is on the horizon and the chair by the woodstove becomes a favorite...right about now. By the time New Year's Eve rolls around I am so burnt out from all the holidays, visitors, over indulgences and the cold keeping me in, that I cannot think straight. At Halloween, summer is a close memory and my spring inspirations still feel doable, so I set my resolutions now. This gives me some structure to cope with the the cabin fever I will be feeling as the winter drags on.
       I always choose 3 intentions, because I know I will be able to accomplish at least one of them. Three is the number of our perception of time moving from the past through this moment towards the future.  It is the number of life, 2 come together and in union create a third. And it is the number of perfect balance as well.
      Anytime can be a good moment to hit the refresh button. If we are feeling stale, stuck or perhaps even a bit blue, a revitalized intention can provide the oomph that we need. That is why I resolve now.
      I love this time of the year, perfect goldilocks weather and the trees reveal their true colors. The holidays and the quiet introspective time of winter is approaching. Making Halloween resolutions gives me a head start...just what I need to keep me positive and productive.
      This year I hope I am 3 for 3!
                 blissings, amberspiral

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