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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Choosing a positive life!

      Why is that so many of the worlds religions tell us that we are sinners and or defiled. I thought I was perfect just the way I am. That is not to say that there is no room for improvement. Like a tree I want to keep mind, spirit and heart, until the day I take my last breath. I want to learn from my mistakes...and that is where I have a problem with the liturgy of fault that I am cursed with by some spiritual traditions. 
      I will agree that some actions are very negative, such as causing others physical harm and some aren't good for you, such as addictions, but extremes in behavior are just that extremes. I am not excusing or condoning negative behaviors, what I am saying is that I do not believe everyday normal actions are inherently bad. I believe they are the ground we grow in.
     What brought this on?  I was reading a book that informed me that sensual desire was a defilement and I have been reciting a prayer for my father that refers to the reciter as a sinner. I can't integrate that with my belief in positive thinking. Without someone's sensual desire, you and I probably would not have been blessed with this beautiful life where we can live and love and work on our souls. I am grateful for the chance. It's true that I have had my share of poor decisions, mistakes and heartbreak. The Buddha says, "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts." So I have made a conscious effort to think positively.
      Whatever is not bad, is good even the neutral and life is not going to be a party every day.  I'm OK with that.  If I make mistakes and I will, I'll do my best to learn from them.
      "With our thoughts, we make the world." The Buddha. I choose to make a learning, growing, positive one and I'll forgo the negative labels... thank you. 
                           blissings, amberspiral

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