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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Beat of my Heart

       Been meditating with my heartbeat lately. Unlike breath which varies in speed and rate, my heart has a rhythm of its own, a constant beat. Breathe feels big as it moves through the chest. My heart feels tiny, a little spot under my left beast. Focusing, I notice the subtle vibration it sends out through my body along with the blood. I realize this is my center, singing the song of the universe to me.
        Beating steadfastly whether I notice or not, my heart wants to be incognito, so I can't always find it. I am not in control and that frightens me some. Along with so many other parts of my body, it functions without any overt effort and confirms to me that I am only a passenger along for the ride.
        My heart is reflecting something beyond my limited consciousness, opening doors of infinite possibility. It is affirmation that I am not alone on this journey, creating the unexpected bliss of connectedness. This makes me love my heart all the more.  
        I'll keep looking to my heart during meditation and let it's rhythm move me. As I do, my insight, love, and compassion will expand as well and that's a beat I want to be in harmony with. :-)
                 blissings, amberspiral

Sit quietly and follow a few breaths
See if you can hear or feel your heartbeat
Relax and observe it without trying to change it
Feel it's rhythm, it's flow
Do this as long as you like
Then return to following your breath for a short while

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