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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blissings to you.

  You may have wondered if there is a typo at the end of my blogs. Blissings, isn't that supposed to be blessings?  Well no, I am wishing you bliss. Bliss is defined as perfect happiness by the Color Oxford Dictionary 2003 and as spiritual joy by 

        Happiness is a driving force in our lives. As natural as our need for oxygen, food and water, we all strive to have happiness in our lives. The way we go about finding our individual happiness is as varied as we are. There are spiritual pursuits to find, cultivate or arrive at happiness. Do you go to church or temple, gather on a hill top, or sit quietly by yourself. Or are you pursuing an education, a great career, starting a family, traveling, hanging out with friends...just about anything you do, can potentially bring happiness to you.

        But, the happiness that I am blessing you with is bliss or happiness without a cause. It is the happiness that comes from your inner soul, beyond space and time, beyond cause and effect. It is in the Goldilocks zone of contentment, where everything is "just right".

         Bliss is what we truly are seeking in this life and no matter how we attempt to attain it, ultimately it is closer then you think.
          My wish for you is that you find the bliss in your life. 
                      blissings, amberspiral

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