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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Meditating Naturally

     I was enjoying Pinterest the other day, window shopping in it's visual paradise, when came across a meditation list. Many of the pins were of lovely meditating persons, most of whom were sitting in the classic Lotus position.
     I just want to say, however, that you don't have to be able to sit like a yogi to meditate unless you want to. I am not criticizing the lovely persons in the photos, I envy them, but those days have passed me by. Today, finding me in an overstuffed chair, you'll probably think I am just sleeping.
     The lotus yoga position is very nice if you are flexible and desire that experience, but the practice of meditating is not predicated on your positioning. In fact if you are older, disabled  or non-athletic you may not be able to bend that way. Forcing it is not necessary, because pain is not conducive to peace of mind.
      Sit or lie or even stand in a comfortable position that enables you to remain alert. Allow the experience to occur naturally. Be the witness of your spirit. The benefits of meditating, in whatever position works for you, is what is most important.
        Many people have challenges; physical, emotional and psychological, but that should not be a barrier. We can all meditate; in the Lotus position, walking, doing yoga, in a wheelchair, sitting by the fire or lying under a tree. Spirit accepts all comers unconditionally. That is the blessing.
         blissings, amberspiral

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