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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Lovely List

            As the new year approaches, I like to take a few moments to contemplate my lovely list. At the end of each day as I wind down to sleep, I write my thank you's. Whatever the day has brought me or tickled me with goes into a little notebook that I keep by my bed. I have a collection of them, written over several years of this routine. They are my lovely list.
            New Years seems like an ideal time to look back on what has brought me joy this year.  Soon it will be time to look ahead and set an intention and positive projections for 2014, but now I will allow myself to revel in the past. 
             Actually, I will get out the intentions and projections from last winter to see what came to pass, what changed, and what fell by the way side. This year I know that my projections were off base and few manifested, but I also know that I am on the right path, because I am heading where I wanted to go. It took most of the year for me to see the truth of my intention and adapt my projections.
              Looking at the lovely list enables me to reminisce about what went right and simple pleasures. Seeing evidence that there were gifts each day gives me the courage to persist when things seem difficult. Writing in the list daily, reinforces that something lovely, no matter how small comes into my life on a regular basis.
               The lovely list sustains me. Intentions can take a while to manifest, positive projections may need to be adapted, but the lovely list is my full cup. What I pour into it expands in the context of the moments of my life and I can drink at that well whenever and how often I need.
              It only takes a few moments to write a lovely list, the blessing lasts far longer.
                    blissings, amberspiral

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