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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fire Watching

         This week it has been very cold. With the  temp hovering around freezing, the wood-stove stays busy and I find myself hanging out near it. Inevitably I end up spacing out and watching the blazing embers and flames dance. My spirit slows down and I realize the space I am feeling is the vastness of the one.

        What has started as languid warmth, magically becomes a natural meditative state. Similar to focusing on a candle or an inspirational image, my fire watching has the same effect.

         There is a wonderful experience when we slip into a meditative state naturally. Timelessness and the act of stepping out of ourselves as we cook, create, listen to music, dance ecstatically or just sit and observe the tide, children playing, a river flowing or clouds passing is priceless. 

          When the reverie has passed, I am grateful and give thanks. My inadvertent meditation is a gift. Making a fire to keep away the cold has let me know that I am truly part of the one and spirit is everywhere. I am blissed.
           Wishing you the experience of the hearth, 
                      blissings, amberspiral

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